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Disposable Medical Supplies

Many types of items used in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, and medical laboratories have to be sterile each time they are used. The cost of cleaning these items can quickly add up. For some items it has always been necessary to use disposable supplies. In recent years, it has become more cost-effective to use more types of disposable medical supplies. Advances in types of materials and mass production have allowed factories to produce more types of products at lower costs, allowing medical facilities to use more and more disposable products. When compared with the cost of cleaning and sterilizing many types of medical supplies, disposable supplies can save facilities money. They can also save time for nurses and aides who already have plenty to do in busy facilities.

Besides being more cost-effective, disposable supplies can also prevent contamination or errors because of damaged equipment. Instead of reusing supplies that might have been contaminated or damaged during previous usage, a new item is used every time. Using disposable supplies ensures that they are always clean and intact.

Some types of supplies, like tongue depressors and needles, have always been disposable; there is simply no way to safely reuse them. Other supplies have made the transition to disposable; specimen cups and containers for blood used to be glass and were reused but now tend to be plastic, and paper coverings have replaced sheets on doctors office exam beds. And some items, like exam gowns and sheets, can be reusable or disposable supplies. Whether a facility uses reusable or disposable supplies will depend on many factors, but for those that wish to use them, disposable medical supplies are a practical option.

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