Medical Scrubs

Different Styles of Scrubs

Titles such as nurses, doctors and dentists are among the most crucial professions in the world. Thousands of people rely on you to provide them with the proper diagnoses and care to help save their life in the event of a catastrophe. The uniforms doctors and nurses wear are power and safety symbols, indicating to accident victims and patients that proper treatment and help are available. Every day is filled with tumult and a packed schedule, make sure you choose the attire and scrub wear that will allow you to complete your tasks both in comfort and style. Yes, it is possible to still be stylish in your professional world of controlled chaos. Fortunately for you, there are multitudes of different styles of scrubs available.

Medical scrubs have become an industry in themselves. You can get everything from designer scrub duds to basic disposable scrubs. There are also hundreds of different patterns and colors to choose from. Most people have more then three scrubs in their collections in order to mix things up throughout the week so have fun when you’re picking out the best scrub for you.

If you primarily work with children, look into fun, yet soothing prints. The doctor’s office or hospital can be a scary place for a young child so wearing something that calms them down, such as a Winnie the Pooh scrub print or a fun pattern will help calm them down and relax them.

There are many different brands of scrubs and you can spend as little or as much money as you want. Dickies scrubs are a popular brand and you can buy them online without the hassle of going out to the medical supply store. Make sure you know your size before purchasing any new scrubs. Comfort and flexibility are key in finding the perfect fit for you; you’ve got a long day ahead of you.

Other popular brands include Cherokee, Baby Phat and Katherine Heigl’s collection inspired by her character Lizzie on the popular television show Grey’s Anatomy. Research all your options and find the right pattern and style that works with you. You can also go to a medical supply store where they will be more than happy to help you pick out some good scrubs and even fit you to make sure you get the correct size. Once you find a style you like, you will more than likely stick with it throughout your medical career.

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